This is to show how we select members for Impact Founders. We are on a mission to build the best support system for impact-driven entrepreneurs and always need to find a balance between building a high quality community that adds value to its members and our principle of keeping it open to as many founders as possible.


    These are the steps we go through when selecting founders for the IMPACT FOUNDERS Community


    Are you a Founder?

    We are building Impact Founders mainly to add value to startup founders working on some of the world's biggest problems. This is why we ask:

    Are you actually a Founder or Co-founder (Definition)? If not, we'd still love to have you, but would usually accept you into our extended community of supporters


    Is your company Impact-driven?

    There is many ways to define impact and there is much room for disagreement. We are using the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline. We are checking: Is your company solving one of the challenges mentioned in the SDGs? If not or not clear from your application we might reject your application.


    What's the balance?

    Our goal is to add value to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. At the same time we need to make sure that both advanced startups and those just starting out get value from Impact Founders. If this balance is not met, we'll add you to our waitlist and will invite you at a later time. We aim for 70-80% founders of funded and/or revenue-generating startups vs. 20-30% unfunded or low revenue startups.


    Give first

    We are looking for indications of a Give First mentality. We believe that it's better for everyone to help each other out, without necessarily expecting anything in return. When in doubt we'll look for indicators of you helping others & will follow up in some cases with a few questions on what you are expecting to contribute to the community.

    The more we all contribute the more value everybody gets out of Impact Founders!